Installing wavy can be done via conda. The steps are as follows:

  1. clone the github repo like:

    $ cd ~
    $ git clone
    or for one single branch try:
    $ git clone --single-branch --branch master
  2. install wavy:

    $ cd ~/wavy
    $ conda env create -f environment.yml
    $ conda activate wavy

A much faster installation method would be using mamba if you have that installed.

$ cd ~/wavy
$ mamba env create -f environment.yml
$ conda activate wavy

Now, append wavy root directory to $PYTHONPATH, for instance add the following to your .bashrc:

export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:/home/patrikb/wavy


My user patrikb was used in this example. This will be the case in more examples and needs to be adjusted for other users.

Either create a xdg project path or an .env file in your project directory and point to the location where you plan to store your custom config files. This could look like:


How to start your own project and how to manage the config files is explained in a separate tutorial.