Validate the collocated time series

Having collocated a quick validation can be performed using the validationmod. validation_specs.yaml can be adjusted.

>>> val_dict = cco_raw.validate_collocated_values()

# ---
Validation stats
# ---
Correlation Coefficient: 0.95
Mean Absolute Difference: 0.22
Root Mean Squared Difference: 0.27
Normalized Root Mean Squared Difference: 0.08
Debiased Root Mean Squared Difference: 0.24
Bias: -0.13
Normalized Bias: -0.04
Scatter Index: 8.05
Model Activity Ratio: 0.95
Mean of Model: 3.02
Mean of Observations: 3.14
Number of Collocated Values: 72

The entire validation dictionary will then be in val_dict and can be used further in the code.